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I study animation and tell stories through my art, whether by writing, illustration, painting, or animating. I live in the country with horses and 2 German Shepherds named Raven and Sula. When I'm not drawing and animating at work, I do farm stuff at home!

Friday, June 3, 2011

New Projects

Amongst my various hobbies and projects, I am now focussed on three things:  My 2D Studio final project, which is a HUGE undertaking for my entire class, my first novel, and now a new idea that I've been brewing for awhile:  to illustrate a children's story that I wrote a few years ago. 

The story I've been told is charming, clever, and entertaining even for adults,yet would be loved by kids as well.  The only thing keeping me back is the overall character design approach, which I'll be sorting out hopefully with a little help from friends or you, dear reader.  So, harness your inner child and tell me which would you prefer to see?:

1) Literal yet slightly fantasized animals (think Brer Rabbit)...more traditionally expected.

2) Humans with whimsical designs and abilities based on specific animals...a more different approach...think along the lines of a theater show or even kids dressing up.

Me?  I'm torn between the two ideas.  I love the look of traditional animal stories, yet I am also drawn to the newer approach of using animalized humans for it's novelty and ability to reach out to kids without the use of direct animals. 

What do you think?  Either comment here or vote on my newest poll at the top left. Or, you could do absolutely nothing if you so desire.

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