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I study animation and tell stories through my art, whether by writing, illustration, painting, or animating. I live in the country with horses and 2 German Shepherds named Raven and Sula. When I'm not drawing and animating at work, I do farm stuff at home!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Why do dogs bark at the sky at night?

Because there are UFO's and flying invisible creatures!  Anyway, hello.  I am a curmudgeon, and this is my first blog entry.  I'll just start off by saying "hi" to whoever reads this, and thank you for viewing my page.

I'm sure you're wondering why  you'd follow my blog, so here's a few reasons I've considered: 
  • if you are a fan of my art
  •  if you would like to witness for your brain-eyes visual stories from my wandering mind
  •  if you're interested in animation and the processes involved
  •  if you're curious about my upcoming book series (which I'm still in the middle of writing).
  • if you like tea

What would I like to become?  Well, surely a nomadic yak herder, an alpaca farmer, a restaurant chef and shop owner, a novelist, an art director/concept or character designer or artist for feature film (animated or live action).

So there you have it.  I will finish by stating that tonight I had some spicy chai tea, and will leave you an example of a character design for a children's show done with copic markers.

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